The AgriDome is a building constructed to provide a memorable experience in Breganze, Italy. The visitor center is a modern building of glass and steel with sleek and futuristic lines that are harmoniously integrated with an old farmstead. A perfect combination of past and future, the AgriDome expresses propensity to progress without forgetting the strength of its origins. The structure offers an ideal setting for large meetings and events, but also to accommodate smaller meetings and training activities.
The main auditorium, which also serves as a showroom, occupies a surface area of over 1,100 square meters and has a seating capacity of 400 people. In addition to the auditorium, AgriDome has two training rooms located on the first floor, fitted with all the equipment required to hold training courses and meetings, with an overall seating capacity of 100 people.
The museum has been set up in the old stable and is dedicated to 140 years of mechanical production history. Every model on display, has its own placard, which explains its usage, characteristics and time of production.
Decorating the walls are striking images coming from Historical Archives of Pietro Laverda, while on video terminal you can watch clips of historical combines in action.
The AgriDome Shop offers an exclusive selection of Laverda merchandise, all of which reflect the high quality of the brand. The store’s display cases, which were specifically designed for the AgriDome directly recall the lines and forms that are present in the structure.